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Goodman has been a leader in the installation of commercial glass entry doors, storefront glass doors, commercial door repair and installation, and all commercial glass door services longer than any other commercial glass contractor on the Virginia Peninsula. Goodman has consistently completed projects on time and within budget. Goodman has been in business for over 100 years and will be around for years to come to service all of your glass needs, can you say that about some of the other companies who are "here today and gone tomorrow"? Your business is always left neat and clean after each job, sorry we don't clean glass.

Peace of mind when choosing Goodman's for your home projects.

Call us at 757-826-1444 or for expert installation of quality products.

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Expert door fabrication, installation and repair require special skills and tools other commercial door companies in Hampton Roads simply don't have. Goodman Glass has its own door shop fully equipped and staffed for just this purpose. Our skilled staff is managed by Tripp Behm. Tripp can assist you in solving your problems with hinged and pivot doors, American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and door repair. We offer 24 hour emergency repair service on all commercial applications, simply call 757-826-1444 and choose the "24 hour emergency" option. Be assured at Goodman Glass, you'll get expert workmanship, the finest materials, and personal service.

All projects are performed by employees of Goodman Glass, no sub-contractors. All of Goodman's employees are subjected to criminal background checks to ensure the good character of each employee. Additionally, Goodman administers a four level Drug Testing Policy; Pre-employment, Random, Suspicion and Post accident, testing for up to 9 different illegal substances.

Goodman's Glass

Series 250, 400 and 550 Doors.

Entrance doors and frames are built consistently to the highest industry standards ensuring years of dependable service. Job-tested, mechanically fastened and welded corners create a rugged structural corner assembly. All doors offer clean lines and are supplied with unique Astral push/pull hardware, locks and cylinders. These doors can easily accommodate a wide variety of custom hardware to meet specific job requirements. Doors are available in narrow, medium and wide stiles.


Durafront Series

Durafront doors and frames are fabricated from tubular aluminum extrusions with a wall thickness of 3/16". These entrance packages are ideal for locations subjected to extremely high traffic flow. Durafront entrance packages, which are offered for center and offset hung doors, can be easily adapted to most United States Aluminum framing systems. The corner construction is mechanically fastened and welded. Offset hung doors are supplied with heavy duty hinges or pivot sets.

Series 2000 Mall Slider

This multi-track slider is engineered with stacking head channels and bottom tracks allowing unlimited design possibilities. Doors can be easily configured for pocket-type installations. Rugged overall construction coupled with heavy wall stiles and interlocks create a truly monumental sliding unit. Doors are equipped with flush finger pulls, hooklocks and cylinders. Adjustable tandem rollers and floor tracks with stainless steel caps ensure smooth operation and durability.

Series 900 Terrace Door

The Series 900 Terrace Door, available in outswing and inswing models, features the Struct-Link II nylon thermal break, 1" x 4" frame, 1 pair mortised aluminum butt hinges and mitered door corners. The Series 900 Terrace door is a high performance, HC40 rated French door for use in condominiums, lofts, hotels and apartments with a five point lock on pairs of doors. Designed for 1" insulated glass the door has 3" wide rails and 2" stiles. Finishes include painted and anodized, with many styles of hardware available to choose from. The Series 900 Terrace Door can be shipped glazed or open.

Series 900 Terrace Door