Goodman Glass often receives letters from very satisfied clients who have recognized that we routinely go beyond their expectations. Here are some excerpts from letters we have received from real clients:

Dear Mr. Behm,

I was thoroughly satisfied with the workmanship of the team that replaced five of the windows of our home. The attention to detail and the effort made to do the most professional job in replacing the windows was evident in the very beginning. The windows, of course, are better than the original windows and the trim on the windows are a vast improvement on the original design.

I was extremely happy to find a company that could supply the window that I have been looking for the past several years. My recommendation for anyone who wants a first class window and first class installation would definitely be Goodman Glass Company.

- Dave
Hampton, VA


Dear Goodman Glass,

I just love my new vinyl windows you recently installed, easy to open, easy to clean, cuts down on neighborhood sounds. Thanks so much for the great price and service!

- Linda
Hampton, VA



Thanks you for coming out to my store last night after the break in. Thanks to your glass man, I was able to get some sleep after the terrible ordeal. I cleaned up the mess on the inside, your man cleaned up the outside, thanks.

- Will
York County, VA